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Is Religion a Spandrel? : Horgan says,

Just because a trait originated as a spandrel does not mean that it never acquires any use or value. Our capacity for science is arguably a spandrel, a byproduct of our innate curiosity and compulsion for finding patterns in the flux of nature. And yet science has proved to be an enormously powerful method for understanding and controlling over nature.

And of course, if a spandrel is defined as something intrinsically purposeless and unnecessary, then everything is really a spandrel, including humanity, life and the entire universe.

While on the subject, you just happen to mention that you are in the process of Deconstructing the Big Bang with Brian Greene.

A common misconception is that the big bang provides a theory of cosmic origins. It doesn’t. The big bang is a theory … that delineates cosmic evolution from a split second after what happened to bring the universe into existence, but it says nothing at all about time zero itself. And since, according to the big bang theory, the bang is what is supposed to have happened at the beginning, the big bang leaves out the bang. It tells us nothing about what banged, why it banged, how it banged, or, frankly, whether it ever really banged at all.


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